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Choose Denver Health for Peripheral Nerve Care

Choose Us for Peripheral Nerve CareWhile many hospitals and clinics treat peripheral nerve disorders of the upper extremities (arms and hands) or of the lower extremities (legs and feet), Denver Health is one of the few hospitals in the region and the United States with a dedicated clinic for patients with all types of peripheral nerve disease. At our nationally and internationally renowned medical center, patients find one clinic for all their needs.

Non-Surgical & Surgical Treatment Options for Best Results

Additionally, we have assembled a team focused on providing the best outcomes possible. For precise diagnosis, we offer electrodiagnosis performed by skilled physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists. For non-surgical treatments, our group of physical and occupational therapists provide education, clinical therapy and self-therapy. For surgical treatment, our orthopedic and plastic surgeons who also are micro-surgeons — trained to operate using microscopes — provide the combination of skills required to successfully treat nerve issues occurring throughout the body.