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HCP for Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs

HCP LogoHCP is a care-coordination program for children and youth with special health care needs. Previously, the program was called the Health Care Program for Children with Special Needs. Now we are simply known as HCP.

The goal of the program is to assist families in gaining knowledge and skills about how to access services and support within the community, so that they are better able to coordinate their child's care with increased independence and confidence. HCP works with families to reduce barriers and issues of access for a child’s special health care needs.

HCP is a service provided through public health departments throughout Colorado under the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. In Denver County, it is based out of the Community Health Services Department through Denver Health.

Services provided to families include the following:

  • Information, resources and connection to access services
  • Individualized Care Coordination
    • Each HCP Care Coordinator provides in-depth, one-on-one care coordination
    • An assessment is completed to evaluate the child’s areas of needs
    • A family-centered and assessment-driven Action Plan is created to work on goals to minimize issues in the identified areas of need
    • Coaching and teaching to encourage parents to navigate challenging systems and to gain skills at being their child’s own advocate
    • Examples of care coordination activities may include assistance with identifying local services, finding insurance or other financial resources, and supporting important transitions such as from hospital to home or from child to adult care. HCP staff also work in the community to increase collaboration and support for families

Denver HCP services are provided:

  • To children and youth with special health care needs from birth to 21
  • To children and youth living in Denver County, who have physical or developmental conditions, which could include behavioral or emotional concerns
  • To any family regardless of income; there is no cost for services
  • In family’s homes, over the phone, in doctor’s offices or in the community
  • To Denver Health patients and Denver County residents


Starting in 1935 as part of the Social Security Act, HCP receives federal Title V funding through the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant for children with special health care needs. The grant requires that one third of the funds be used for the population of children and youth with special needs.


Referrals can be made by any person involved with the child, including parents or professionals, through the Denver HCP Referral Form, Denver Health Pediatric Referral System, in person or by phone or by fax.

Phone: (303) 602-6765
Fax: (303) 602-4550

Resources for Children with Special Needs
  • Denver Health Appointment Line: (303) 436-4949
  • Children's Hospital Colorado Spanish Appointment Line: (720) 777-2764
  • Rocky Mountain Human Services Referral Line: (303) 247-8423
  • Child Find (Evaluations for children age 3 - 5): (720) 423-1410
  • Mental Health Center of Denver: (303) 504-7900
  • Colorado Respite Coalition (respite information): (303) 619-1437
  • Grupo VIDA (Spanish-speaking support group): (303) 904-6073
  • First Transit (Medicaid transportation): 1-800-264-6368
  • Family Voices of Colorado (advocacy/resources): (303) 733-3000

Insurance Information

  • Connect for Health Colorado: 1-800-221-3943
  • Enrollment for Health Insurance at Denver Health: (303) 602-2300
  • Health Colorado (choose Medicaid plan): (303) 839-2120
  • Health Access Express Denver Health Enrollment Van: (720) 376-8535 / (303) 912-0263 / (303) 503-1472
  • Denver Human Services (Medicaid & Medicaid Buy-in): (720) 944-3666
  • CHP+: 1-800-475-8466
  • Healthy Communities (Medicaid Outreach): (303) 602-6770
  • Medicaid Replacement Card: 1-800-221-3943
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income: 1-800-772-1213