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Our Services

Emergency and Urgent Care
Our Emergency Department provides urgent and emergency care for adults and children with a full team of medical professionals to care for every patient's need.
Orthopaedic Trauma Team

Denver Health's Orthopaedic Trauma Team consists of specialists in the field of Orthopaedics who have extensive experience in treating severely broken bones, microvascular injuries, and severed limbs. 


Denver Health’s Advanced Minimally-Invasive Surgery Center is a comprehensive center for the treatment of complex urological disorders and diseases. This regional center offers full service, personal and individualized attention. It provides patients the opportunity to receive specialty minimally invasive laparoscopic treatment for urological conditions that have traditionally required invasive open surgery and extended hospital stays. 

Hand-Microvascular Services

Denver Health's Rocky Mountain Regional Level I Trauma Center provides the region's only 24/7/365 hand microvascular replantation service. It is one of the leading reconstructive programs in the nation. Our team of experts are recognized for their willingness to work with the region’s most severely injured patients with mutilated limbs, regardless of their health insurance status. They have many documented successes for reattaching and revascularization of limbs following motor vehicle, farming, industrial, rodeo accidents and recreational mishaps. 


Denver Health's experienced neurosurgeons partner with trauma surgery to provide the best continuum of trauma care possible. Denver Health provides neurosurgical operating rooms with the most modern operating facilities, including Stealth navigational systems. Neurosurgical care after trauma involves treating existing injuries to the neural axis (brain and spinal cord) and supporting structures (skull, spine, and supporting tissues).

Pediatric Surgery and Trauma

Denver Health has a dedicated pediatric operating room in it's new Pavilion for Women and Children.  We provide operative services, intensive care services, and general pediatric in-patient care in all specially designed private patient rooms to meet the unique needs of our youngest patients and their families.


Pediatric Neurosurgery

Denver Health offers a broad range of neurosurgical services for all ages, from newborn and preemies through adolescents. We manage patient transfers, consultations, and out-patient clinic visits.


Denver Health's Ophthalmology Department provides routine eye exams and physicians who specialize in various conditions of the eye. These conditions include traumatic eye injury, glaucoma, cataracts, and adult and pediatric retinal disease. We have developed new approaches to treating retinopathy, including antiangiogenic therapy for macular edema, antiangiogenic therapy for regression of new vessels, laser combined with antiangiogenic therapy, and vitreo-retina surgery to treat retinal detachment.