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Certified Nurse Midwives

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Midwives at Denver Health

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Midwifery Services for Women

Denver Health Certified Nurse Midwives support women in labor, deliver babies and provide a full range of primary health care services to women. Midwives have advanced training in both nursing and midwifery and care for women of all ages. Midwifery services include the following:

  • Family planning and birth control
  • Prenatal and postpartum care
  • Labor and Delivery 
  • Routine well-woman check-ups
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Menopausal care

Denver Health midwives provide care at three clinic locations: Eastside Health CenterWestside Health Center and Women's Care Clinic at Denver Health.

Midwifery Services During Pregnancy and Childbirth

Midwives provide care based on the holistic philosophy that pregnancy and childbirth are natural, healthy life events. A midwife supports pregnancy, labor and birth with as little intervention as possible. Mothers receive education, encouragement and reassurance during pregnancy and delivery. Denver Health midwives collaborate and consult with obstetricians to make sure all medical needs are met and if an unexpected emergency occurs, physicians are right there to help.