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Letters of appreciation

"To say thank you would be an understatement. There is no amount of thanks that can be given to Dr. Raffi for the procedures that he and his team performed on me...  Dr. Raffi thoroughly explained what my options were going to be moving forward in my recovery and put a basic timeline in place. Any questions I had were answered and explained in detail. This really made all that I was going through much easier to handle.

"With all that I have been through and all of the doctors that have been involved, Dr. Raffi is one of the top in professionalism. There were quite a few doctors that would have their team come and do an evaluation and report back for instructions. With Dr. Raffi it was different; he would come in during rounds and stay fully involved with any and all decisions.

"... there is no way for me to show how appreciative I am for all that was done, because if it had not been for technology and the teams of doctors I would not be here today."

Another letter of appreciation
"Dr. Raffi - It has been a while since we last saw you, which mean that is good news!  (Our son) is doing great. What you did as a professional doctor was just amazing, you have not only been a great doctor, but also a kind doctor, very sympathetic and understanding. We never felt like you rushed through your job, but took your time and and explained to us in detail about all that is going on. Thanks a million for helping us go through these very tough times. We would recommend you to anyone that would be in need of your help.  How could we thank you more?" 
How do you say thanks!
"How do you say thank you to someone who has done so much for our son?  Dr. Raffi, you have really done an amazing job putting (our son) back together. When we met you we were hopeful that he would look somewhat like he did before his injury. But what you have done is unbelievable. You have given (our son) choices on his care that others would have asked for our decision instead. Your have shown us that you care about us as a family and now as just another patient. For this we are forever grateful!"