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Denver Health’s School-Based Health Centers

Denver Health’s School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) offer specialized pediatric focused care to treat most health conditions that affect school-aged children. Our services are available throughout the school year to any Denver Public Schools (DPS) student or child that attends a DPS affiliated Early Childhood Education (ECE) center within Denver County. SBHCs offer convenient care that limits the amount of time students are out of class and parent/guardians have to be off work. In many cases, students are able to get same day or next day appointments. More information on health center locations can be found on our locations page.

Parental Consent

A parent or guardian must sign consent forms each school year before their child may use any health center service. Once this is done, the child may use the health center at any time. Students in 6th grade or above can access the SBHCs without a parent present as long as they have a current signed consents on file. Students in 5th grade and below must have a parent or legal guardian present to obtain services.

Supporting family communication is a principle goal of the health center. Clinic staff encourages patients to discuss their health care with their parents. However, parents are not routinely notified when a patient uses the health center, except by patient request or when the staff becomes aware of serious health concerns.

Cost and Insurance

There is no charge to the patient or their family for services offered in the health center. Patients will not have to pay co-pays, deductibles, or fees to be seen. Insurance may be billed but without cost to the family.

Insurance Enrollment

When registering for use of the health center, families are asked to provide health insurance information or to apply for low-cost child health insurance options and discount programs. Insurance outreach and enrollment staff are available through the SBHCs to assist families with the insurance application process.


Colorado state law allows some visits to the health center to be confidential as appropriate. Information is not shared without patient and/or parental permission. The only exception is a life-threatening situation.