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*Source: Clinical Outcomes Report produced by University HealthSystem Consortium  
*Source: Clinical Outcomes Report produced by University HealthSystem Consortium

The Rocky Mountain Regional Level I Trauma Center at Denver Health has Lowest Mortality Rate Among All Academic Hospitals.

  • A survival rate of 96 percent for blunt trauma, such as those injuries sustained in motor vehicle crashes and ski accidents.
  • An 86 percent survival rate for penetrating trauma, such as impalements and gunshot wounds.
  • An overall survival rate of 95 percent.

What Does This Mean?

This number represents the percentage of people who were so critically ill that they were not expected to survive. This number takes factors in a number of health conditions. For example, an older man having a heart attack has a risk of dying; but a 60-year-old man who is overweight and has diabetes and has a heart attack has an even greater risk of dying. Those additional risks are taken into account when determining expected mortality for a hospital.

Since Denver Health is a busy Level I Trauma Center and a public hospital, we typically see the most critically-ill patients and patients who may not be very healthy to begin with.

Despite this, our mortality rates continue to be the lowest in the University HealthSystem Consortium and we continue to have mortality rates lower than what would be expected.

Why is this important to our patients?

This means that more than 200 people who were expected NOT to survive from their injuries are alive today because of the trauma expertise at Denver Health.