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Heart and Vascular Center

Heart and Vascular Center at Denver Health

Heart and Vascular Center

The Denver Health Heart and Vascular Center is the front door to Denver Health's cardiology services. The center offers outpatient care to people who seek evaluation, diagnosis and continued care for a wide variety of cardiovascular concerns.

The center acts as a hub for your cardiology care, where basic diagnostic tests are carried out, treatment is provided and referrals are made to our invasive specialists, when necessary.

As part of their evaluation, many of our patients visit the Heart and Vascular Center non-invasive laboratory where stress tests and echocardiograms are performed. If needed, invasive tests are done in the cath lab to get an inside look at problems.

Heart & Vascular Services

Heart and Vascular Center
at Denver Health

700 Delaware St.
Davis Pavilion North, 2nd Floor
Denver, CO 80204

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Ask your doctor to refer you to the Denver Health Cardiology Clinic. Schedule an appointment by calling (303) 436-4949.

Referring Medical Providers

Internal referrals can be placed through the appointment request list (ARL). External referral requests can be faxed directly to (720) 956-2320 along with patient contact information, insurance information and relevant clinic notes.