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Integrated Vascular Center

Vascular LabDenver Health has assembled an exceptional team of specialists to treat diseases affecting blood flow within the body’s veins and arteries. Vascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists, interventional radiologists, podiatrists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and registered vascular technologists utilize advanced, minimally invasive technology to accurately diagnose and treat circulation problems.

Finding Medical Help for Blood Flow Problems

When traditional treatments such as bandaging, debridement (cleaning of damaged skin), or the use of compression stockings do not relieve symptoms, more advanced therapies are required. With conditions of the veins and arteries, earlier treatment may help avoid long-term complications such as inpatient hospital stays and amputation. 

While some vascular problems do not have symptoms, for example aortic aneurysm, others, such as varicose veins, do. If you are experiencing high blood pressure or chronic pain, tiredness, itching, burning or swelling in your arms or legs, and/or you have a family history of blood flow problems, please contact the Integrated Vascular Center today to schedule a consultation.

About the Vascular System & Related Diseases

Grandfather and GrandchildEach year, tens of millions of people are affected by problems within their veins and arteries that result in inadequate or poor blood flow. When working properly, veins carry blood from the arms and legs back to the heart and arteries pump blood from the heart out to the arms and legs. If vein or artery walls and/or valves weaken, blood can start to pool, causing poor circulation, sores that will not heal, pain and other symptoms. 

Some of the conditions the Integrated Vascular Center at Denver Health identifies and treats include:

  • Aortic Aneurysms – A weak spot or bulge has developed on the aorta – the body’s main artery
  • Chronic Arterial Insufficiency - Arteries become narrowed due to atherosclerosis from fatty deposits along artery walls; may lead to arterial ulcers or wounds that will not heal due to poor circulation
  • Chronic Venous Insufficiency – Vein walls and/or valves that help blood return to the heart from the legs are not working correctly; may result in shallow wounds or ulcers on the skin that do not heal (venous skin ulcers)
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease – Plaque build up from fat deposits narrow the arteries that carry blood to the head, legs, arms, stomach or kidneys 
  • Varicose Veins – Weakened vein walls and/or valves cause twisted and enlarged veins near the surface of the skin in the legs and ankles
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome – Musculoskeletal compression of the subclavian artery and vein result in painful arm swelling; this condition is commonly seen in athletic individuals

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