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Adolescent STEP: Substance Abuse Treatment Education & Prevention Program

Dr. Collins with PatientEstablished in 2004 and licensed by the Colorado Department of Behavioral Health, STEP provides outpatient, psychiatric and substance abuse treatment to clients ages 12-21. STEP delivers individual treatment for young patients and their families, working with schools, faith-based organizations, community groups and the juvenile justice system. Referrals are accepted.

Treatment through STEP

STEP treatment is designed to address the patient's needs for both psychiatric and substance-abuse care. Psychiatric problems may include anxiety disorder, attention/deficit-hyperactivity disorder and depression. Treatment typically lasts 12-16 weeks and is delivered in weekly sessions that last about one hour. Usually, three sessions are devoted to family sessions that involve the adolescent and parents/guardians

Treatment begins with a comprehensive psychiatric and substance abuse evaluation conducted by a therapist and board-certified child/adolescent psychiatrist. Evaluations include meeting with the youth and parents/guardians to discuss the treatment plan.

STEP Research

STEP also conducts clinical research that may result in effective, new treatments for adolescents with substance abuse problems. Find out more about STEP research projects.

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