Neuropsychological Testing Services

Neuropsychology focuses on the assessment of how a person's brain is working. Although brain scans such as CT or MRI can show physical damage to the brain, changes in how the brain works (for example, memory or attention) often do not match the damage shown on a scan.

A neuropsychological evaluation can detect subtle changes in thinking compared to what would be expected for the person being tested. Reasons patients may be referred included cognitive ability after stroke or head injury, type and severity of dementia and the effect of thinking problems on everyday activities such as managing money, driving and living independently. 

Neuropsychological Evaluation

A neuropsychological evaluation consists of a number of tests of different thinking processes. This may include intelligence tests, attention, memory, reasoning and other thinking skills. An evaluation may require several hours to assess the various skills involved in processing information.

Our neuropsychologists provide evaluations for adult and geriatric inpatients and outpatients. Referrals from doctors outside of the Denver Health system are welcome and can be faxed to the number below.

Contact Neuropsychological Testing Services

Contact neuropsychology by phone at 303-602-4772.

Referrals for neuropsychological testing can be faxed to 303-436-3327.

If you are a patient interested in a neuropsychological evaluation, please have your provider fax a referral to 303-436-3327.

The Denver Health Neuropsychology Service does not conduct forensic neuropsychological evaluations or offer adult autism assessment.



Depending on the results of the neuropsychological evaluation, patients may be referred for various treatments including cognitive rehabilitation, individual psychotherapy, or sleep medicine.