Substance Abuse Recovery Program for Women & Families

The Recovery Program for Women & Families is a program designed specifically to help pregnant women, parenting women and families who need substance abuse treatment. Each woman who comes to the program is treated with respect and offered a safe environment in which to heal.


Our Services

  • Medication-assisted treatment for opioid dependence
  • Gender-responsive treatment to address physical, psychological, emotional and sociopolitical issues for women
  • Trauma-informed treatment to address the way women respond to their trauma and develop coping skills
  • Individual counseling
  • Gender specific groups
  • Motivational incentives to acknowledge achievements with sobriety, family, education, employment and community
  • Specialized groups for families (coming soon)
  • Integrated prenatal care that addresses the significant and delicate issues of pregnant women, offered by our physician who specializes in both addiction medicine and family medicine. Finances are never a barrier for pregnant women.
  • Social Services: this program serves families with open child welfare cases to reunify families and promote a drug free and emotionally stable lifestyle.


Our Treatment Philosophy

Substance abuse treatment occurs in individual and group settings with limited case management services. Evaluation and on-going treatment with psychotherapy and/or psychiatric medications for mental health issues is available. Children exhibiting behavioral and/or emotional difficulties are referred to the child and adolescent specialists with Behavioral Health Services.


Our Professional Team

The Recovery Program for Women and Families team are clinicians with certifications in addictions who are trained to address the multifaceted needs of women, given that a majority of women abusing substances may also have a history of trauma. Team members always ensure the safety and confidentiality of every woman.