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Denver Health Medical Center Cardiovascular Research Group (DH-CCRG)


DHMC-CCRG will be an institutional leader in cardiovascular research design, grant proposal, patient enrollment, follow up and study completion. By combining the expertise of our multiple researchers we create the perfect environment for study support.  The combined curriculum of the DH-CCRG members sets a new standard for study participation and success.


DHMC-CCRG is a multi-disciplinary Cardiology research oriented venture that aims at facilitating cardiovascular research endeavors at DHMC.


Basic and clinical cardiology researchers from Denver health Medical Center (DHMC) and the University of Colorado participate in DH-CCRG.

This group will have an emphasis in the development of the cardiovascular research portfolio at Denver Health Medical Center. DHMC-CCRG aims at creating a productive research environment for cardiovascular research. Leadership, collegiality and a shared respect for the field are values at the core of this endeavor.

Senior Leadership

Director- Edward P. Havranek (Clinical and Outcomes Research)

Co-Director - Carlin S. Long (Clinical, Outcomes and Basic Research)

Co-Director- Joel A . Garcia (Clinical Research)

Brian Stauffer (Basic Research)

David Katz (Clinical Research)

Emily Hass (Clinical Research)

Joseph Schuller (Clinical Research)

Mark Jeong (Basic Research)

Mori Krantz (Clinical and Outcomes Research)

Pamela Peterson (Clinical and Outcomes Research)

Whitney Juselius (Clinical Research)