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Writing provides many opportunities. It can provide a cathartic experience for the author, offering an outlet to share experiences that are happy, insightful, humbling, saddening and terrifying. It can be reflective for the reader, capturing shared experiences and perspectives and articulating them in ways that help us understand ourselves and each other more clearly. Finally, it can be unifying, bringing a voice to individuals and even communities.

Writing can be all of these things, and this is why we write. We are a group of hospitalists at Denver Health and we hope to offer you something that approaches this potential. Admissions will focus on articulating the spectrum of health care experiences from providers to patients, in an attempt to honestly express the feelings of those who deliver care and give a resonant voice to those who receive it.

From summaries on recent medical developments and innovations, to patient experiences and health care provider reflections, this blog aims to be informative, honest and insightful. We hope these insights resonate or conflict with your own perspective, and expand the conversation around the topics on which we focus.

Thank you,
The ‘Admissions’ Editorial Board

Dr. Hassan Rao
Dr. Sarah Stella
Dr. Susan Calcaterra
Dr. Noelle Northcutt
Dr. Marisha Burden
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Here’s How Hospitals and Physicians Can Help Solve the National Opioid Crisis Wednesday, August 30, 20170

Here’s How Hospitals and Physicians Can Help Solve the National Opioid Crisis

Pain management among hospitalized patients can be challenging. Patients may have unrealistic notions about how their pain should be controlled,...