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Internal Award Recognition: The Golden Bow Tie Award

“Read, think, ask and learn. It is a privilege to be a physician, but with this privilege comes the enormous responsibility for patient’s lives and well-being.  This responsibility can only be met by practicing the best medicine possible, and “best” is always changing. While a lifetime commitment to education is needed, the intellectual stimulation that results from meeting this commitment is another of the extraordinary joys of the profession. Rick Albert 2010

The Golden Bow Tie Award is an internal award recognition program awarded to the inpatient medical team with the best clinical vignette of the academic year. Teams are matched with an experienced academic hospitalist who will provide invaluable guidance and support along the way. The winning team is awarded a $500 cash prize and commemorated on a plaque in the 9th floor resident conference room. Additionally, each submitting team member will receive an honorary lapel pin. 

How to win:

  1. Identify a case with significant learning potential
  2. Perform a literature search
  3. Collect all patient information and images
  4. Present case at noon conference
  5. Write abstract
  6. Submit abstract to local or national conference
  7. Make poster
  8. Present poster at local or national conference
  9. Hang poster on the 9th floor
  10. Write up case for publication

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