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The OUCH Line

When an employee is injured at work, it is important that a good and timely decision is made about what to do next. Should the employee go to the emergency room? Should they go to urgent care? Or can the employee simply wait to see what happens?

The Denver Health OUCH Line offers a simple solution to these challenges by providing a 24-hour call center to process Workers Compensation First Report of Injury and medical triage.  The First Report of Injury is recognized as the most accurate account of the incident. Coupled with a call recording and sound advice from a registered nurse,you can have confidence your employees and your organization will benefit.

At the OUCH Line, registered nurses, utilizing physician-authored occupational injury guidelines, determine if injured employee will need medical evaluation and confidently recommend home care when medically appropriate.

The Denver Health OUCH Line will:

  • Ensure standardized, worry-free reporting
  • Deliver direct access to medical professionals 
  • Provide sound clinical advice
  • Avert unnecessary emergency room visits
  • Reduce associated claim costs
  • Provide immediate access to call recordings

Choose Denver Health’s OUCH Line

Responding to work-related injuries can be a difficult process for an organization. Often, a supervisor’s limited medical knowledge leads to unnecessary medical care including needless emergency room visits for minor injuries, costing thousands of dollars every year.

The OUCH Line process demonstrates substantial savings for employee contractors:

  • Millions of potential savings in litigation fees from recorded calls for your Workers Compensation First Report of Injury
  • 90% reduction in ER visits following OUCH Line implementation
  • 50% reduction in medical care costs by referring to your designated facilities
  • 55% of calls result in first aid advice
How does the OUCH Line work?
  1. When an injury occurs, the injured employee calls into the Nurse Call Center and the State Workers Compensation First Report of Injury is generated by trained paraprofessionals..
  2. Utilizing physician-authored occupational injury guidelines, the registered nurse makes a recommendation to the employee.
  3. The Employee is provided care advice and guidance for follow-up treatment if indicated.
  4. The First Report of Injury is faxed or e-mailed immediately to Risk Management, the third party administrator and the treatment provider.
  5. Monthly summary reports are generated and sent to Risk Management.

Our Team

When your employee calls the OUCH Line, they will be in the knowledgeable hand of registered nurses and paraprofessionals.  With an average of 25 years of nursing experience spanning several specialties in addition to expert training, the OUCH Line staff will offer extraordinary care to your employees.

Contact Information

If you are a current OUCH Line client and have a question about reporting an injury or an existing claim, please contact your Supervisor or Risk Management Department for further assistance.

To learn more about the OUCH Line, please contact us.