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Take Your Lean Learning to the Next Level

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Lean Leadership

February 9-12, 2015

Data and Analytic Skills for Lean Organizations
February 24-25, 2014

You've learned the basics and have mastered Lean 101. Now you are ready to take your Lean training to the next level. In Denver Health's advanced Lean workshops, you will apply Lean tools such as 5S and Kaizen events, train and deploy A3 problem solving and analyze graphs and charts.

  • Lean Leadership: Are you a leader within your organization seeking to implement, accelerate and sustain Lean improvement in your organization? If so, this workshop will teach you through experience and is designed to build skill and confidence.
  • Data and Analytic Skills for Lean Organizations: If you are in search of a Lean workshop that focuses on using data to make decisions, this course is just for you. After taking this advanced workshop, you will be able to make sound decisions based on data to stay on the path of the highest quality, safety, service and financial performance.

We are ready for you to learn more with us and come see how we are continuously implementing Lean. Register for one of our advanced lean training workshops and receive $50 off your registration. Just enter discount code ADVANCED when registering.

Upcoming Workshops

2018 Lean Workshops

Jan. 29-30: Lean Management Systems
Jan 31-Feb 1: Coaching for Continuous Improvement
Feb. 26-March 1: Lean Fundamentals
Mar 13-14 : Lean Analytics
Mar 19-20: Lean Management Systems
Mar 21-22: Coaching for Continuous Improvement
April 10-11: Executive Site Visit
April 16-19: Lean Fundamentals
May 15-16: Lean Analytics
May 21-22: Lean Management Systems
May 23-24: Coaching for Continuous Improvement
June 18-21: Lean Fundamentals
July 24-25: Lean Analytics