Lean Management System (LMS) Certification Program

Denver Health Lean Academy offers a menu of certification options for professionals of all levels! Immerse yourself in Lean Management Systems with our foundational courses, lasting 1-2 days, setting the stage for career and operational excellence. The 14 Deep Dive courses, aligned with the LMS framework, offer practitioners the chance to deepen their understanding and drive transformative change using the LMS. Learners can pursue a Bronze, Silver or Gold certification for demonstrating their mastery of the lean knowledge they obtained in the classroom while attending our Core courses and Deep Dive classes. Pursue the Plus distinction to demonstrate your Lean concepts' application outside the classroom, with coaching, insights, reflections, and validation by experts in the Lean community.

From Bronze's foundational skills to Gold's advanced mastery, our unique certification tracks propel learners through a journey of application and validation. Go to our “Courses” page to enroll today and let your Lean journey redefine success! 


Lean Management System (LMS) Certification Program Overview

The DHLA offers both LMS Certification and “Certificate of Completion Only” pathways for professionals who attend our training.

For LMS certification pathways, there are three different levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

  • Bronze: Learners who are interested in gaining foundational skills in Lean practice.
  • Silver: Learners who want to add process improvement skills to their Lean foundation.
  • Gold: Learners who want to establish a Lean foundation, process improvement, and to meaningfully align and plan for their work.


Lean Certification Courses


The three core courses indicated above, ranging from 1-2 days, are designed to provide an overview of activity, process, and enterprise-level principles and tools in the LMS. These courses are the bedrock foundation of our certification program and equip learners with the information and practice they need along their Lean journey.

There are 14 Deep Dive courses ranging from 2 hours to 2 days, aligned to the LMS framework designed to allow practitioners the opportunity to deepen learning in a targeted topic from the LMS and engage in hands-on application or practice.

Lean 2024 & 2025 Certifications



Upon the completion of core courses, attendees are required to take a multiple-choice exam to demonstrate their knowledge about the subject matter they learned during DHLA sessions. Exams range from 25-50 questions, are time restricted, and can be repeated if a passing score of 90% was not obtained. Exams are open note and can be taken immediately following the completion of the course



Certification PLUS requires the submission of a portfolio that answers a series of questions about the Lean work a candidate has engaged with, lead, or completed. The portfolio must show evidence of application of the candidate’s Lean knowledge to solve real world business challenges at the activity (Bronze), process (Silver), and enterprise (Gold) levels.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have via email at leanacademy@dhha.org or by calling 855-888-5326. We would love to support you in your learning!


Lean Academy LMS Certification Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of obtaining LMS certification?

  • Assists learners in selecting a pathway to accomplish specific goals they have identified (solving daily problems, process problems, or system problems).
  • Offers professional development compatible across industries.
  • Promotes progressive development, learning, and Lean practice maturity.

What if I have attended past Denver Health Lean Academy classes?

You are eligible to pursue certification without re-taking classes. If you have previously attended classes that align with certification requirements, you may receive “credit” toward certification. Please contact the DHLA if you would like to pursue this option or have questions.

Why seek a Plus distinction for Bronze, Silver, or Gold?

The Plus distinction is right for you if you are interested in demonstrating application of Lean concepts outside of the classroom setting. Pursuing the Plus distinction includes coaching, insights, reflections, and opportunities for improvement and is a good way to have your Lean work vetted and validated by an expert member of the Lean community.

What if I do not want to get a certification?

All DHLA courses, including LMS Core or Deep Dive courses, can be taken as “Certificate of Completion Only” for attending the class (no exam or portfolio required).

What if I am not sure what I need/want?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have via email at leanacademy@dhha.org or by calling 855-888-5326. We would love to support you in your learning!