Out of County Uncompensated Care patient letter

Dear <First Name, Last Name>

It is our privilege to provide your health care at Denver Health. We are writing to share a reminder of our policies that could affect future care with your providers.

If your care is provided as part of the Denver Health-funded financial assistance programs, you will need to show proof of a Denver County address for outpatient care.

The following programs are financial assistance programs with Denver Health:

  • DFAP – Denver Health Financial Assistance Program
  • CICP – Colorado Indigent Care Program

If you are a Medicaid or Medicare beneficiary, or have another type of insurance, such as the Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+), no proof of address is required.

For proof of address, you will need to provide one piece of mail or an electronic statement, such as a cable or utilities bill, dated no more than 60 days before the date of the visit. If you do not have a bill or statement under your name, you may bring a bill or statement from a person you live with, along with a letter that confirms that you live with that person.

All patients receiving financial assistance at Denver Health will need to show proof of address at every scheduled visit after December 31, 2023, to continue receiving this benefit. If you don’t live in the Denver Health service area, which includes the City and County of Denver, you will need health insurance or the ability to pay privately for your non-emergency care. Additionally, your prescriptions must be filled by, and cannot be ordered after, December 31, 2023. Patients of the Denver Health school-based health centers may continue to receive care. Also, certain health conditions like pregnancy allow patients to enroll in Health First Colorado, the state’s Medicaid program. Denver Health enrollment specialists can provide enrollment assistance. For example, in the case of pregnancy, pregnant patients and their infants will be able to receive Medicaid coverage.

Please see the included flyer for more information on how to sign up for low-cost insurance. If you would like to see your doctor before December 31, please call 303-436-4949 to schedule an appointment.

We thank you for your trust in us by choosing Denver Health for your care.


Jacob F. Collins
Associate Chief Financial Officer
Denver Health Finance

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