Media Relations

Denver Health welcomes requests from the media for breaking news stories and expert commentary on a variety of medical and health topics. Contact a member of the Media Relations team by calling our 24-hour media line at (303) 520-9591 or by emailing

Due to federal privacy regulations, all media must be escorted while on hospital grounds. The streets in and around Denver Health are private property. Please call our media line if you would like to visit our campus.

We adhere to the Colorado Hospital Association guidelines when it comes to inquiries about our patients. The media representative must have the patient's first and last name to request a condition update. If the patient is listed in our hospital directory and is over age 18, we can release a one-word condition. Any further requests for information or interviews require written authorization from the patient or patient's representative.

If the patient or patient representative has requested not to be listed in the hospital directory, no information can be released, even if the media representative has the patient's name. Any inquiries regarding patients younger than age 18 require written authorization from a parent or legal guardian.

A member of Denver Health's Media Relations team is on-call 24 hours a day to help you tell your story or to facilitate interviews on our campus. Feel free to browse our Newsroom for story ideas. General information about Denver Health can be found in the Who We Are section.


Logo and Branding

The Denver Health logo may be used for broadcasts and articles mentioning Denver Health. If you have a branding-related question, including guidelines and proper usage of our logo, contact us.

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