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Selecting the right location starts with knowing your options. When you work with Denver Health, we're here to help you feel confident in making better decisions. From primary care to emergency services, we offer a wide variety of care for you and your family. Contact our Appointment Center at 303-436-4949 to book an appointment with a specific clinic or service directly, call the Denver Health operator at 303-436-6000 or call direct to the following departments listed below.


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Department Phone Number
Abraham Lincoln High School School-Based Health Center  720-423-5020 
ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders 877-228-8348 
Adult Urgent Care Clinic 303-602-2822 
Alpine Clinic 970-722-1060 
Ambulatory Surgery Clinic 303-602-1021 
Anesthesiology 303-436-6000 
Appointment Center 303-436-4949
Billing 303-602-2200
Birth Control, Family Planning 303-602-3540 
Birth & Death Certificate Requests 303-602-3660 
Bruce Randolph School School-Based Health Center 720-424-1232 
Cancer Care & Oncology 303-436-4949 
Cardiology/Cardiovascular Services  303-602-3899 
Center for Occupational Safety and Health 303-436-7155 
Chaplaincy Services 303-602-4500 
Charity Care & Enrollment Services 303-602-2300 
Child Life Program 303-602-9493 
Clinical Social Work 303-436-6000
Decedent Affairs 303-602-5245
Dental & Oral Care 303-602-8200 
Dental Clinic - Eastside Health Center 303-436-4600 
Dental Clinic - Westside Health Center 303-436-4200 
Denver Health Foundation 303-602-2970 
Denver Medical Examiner's Office (not a division of Denver Health) 720-337-7600
Denver Public Health Institute 303-602-3700
Dermatology 303-436-4949 
Diabetes and Endocrinology 303-436-4949 
Digestive & Liver Health 303-436-4949 
Ear, Nose & Throat 303-436-4949 
Eastside Health Center  303-436-4600 
Eating Disorder Treatment (ACUTE) 877-228-8348 
Emergency Department 303-602-8100 
Enrollment Services: Charity Care & Financial Assistance 303-602-2300
Epilepsy Program 303-436-4949 
Evie Dennis Campus School-Based Health Center  720-423-7610
Family Medicine  303-436-4949 
Financial Assistance Enrollment Services 303-602-2300
Florence Crittenton High School School-Based Health Center  720-423-8950
Fresenius Outpatient Dialysis Clinic 303-623-2107 
Gastroenterology and Hepatology 303-436-4949 
Gift Shop 303-602-8995 
Government Relations 303-602-4954 
Heart & Circulation Services 303-436-4949 
HIV Care and Prevention 303-602-8710 
Human Resources Career Center 303-602-2666
Immunization Clinic  303-602-3520 
Infectious Disease Clinic 303-602-8710 
Integrated Vascular Center 303-436-4949 
Intensive Care 303-436-6000 
John F. Kennedy High School School-Based Health Center  720-423-4355 
Kidney & Nephrology Center 303-436-4949 
Kepner Middle School School-Based Health Center 720-424-0126 
Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy School-Based Health Center 720-424-0156 
Laboratory Services  303-602-5200 
La Casa/Quigg Newton Health Center 303-602-6700 
Lake Middle School School-Based Health Center 720-424-0281 
Laser and Vein Care Center 303-436-4949 
Lean Academy 855-888-5326 
Level One Physicians Clinic 303-602-8270 
Lowry Health Center 303-602-4545 
Main Hospital Operator 303-436-6000
Mammovan (Mobile Mammography) 303-436-4949 
Manual High School School-Based Health Center 720-423-6435 
Martin Luther King Jr. Early College School-Based Health Center 720-424-0476 
Maternity & Pregnancy Services 303-436-4949 
Media Relations and After-Hours Reporter Inquiries  303-520-9591 
Medical Records (Health Information Management) 303-602-8001
Mental Health and Addiction Services  303-602-4357 
Montbello Family Health Center 303-602-4000 
Montbello High School Campus School-Based Health Center 720-423-5808 
Neurology  303-436-4949 
North High School School-Based Health Center 720-423-2718 
Nurse Family Partnership 303-602-8986 

NurseLine *** At this time the NurseLine is experiencing a high number of calls due to coronavirus.

If you are not calling about respiratory symptoms or an urgent health concern, please submit your question to your primary care provider through MyChart.

Occupational Therapy 303-436-4949 
Ophthalmology 303-436-4949 
Operator 303-436-6000 
Orthopedic Experts 303-602-1590 
Oral Maxillofacial Surgery 303-602-8200 
Palliative Care  303-602-6050 
Paramedics 303-602-2566 
Park Hill Health Center 303-602-3720 
Patient Advocates & Customer Service 303-602-2915
Patient Information & Visiting Hours 303-436-6000
Pediatric Emergency Department and Urgent Care Center  303-436-6000 
Pediatric Services  303-436-4949 
Peripheral Nerve Institute 303-436-4949 
Pharmacies  303-436-4488 
Physical Therapy 303-436-4949 
Place Bridge Academy School-Based Health Center (Open Year Round) 720-424-2050 
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 303-436-4949 
Podiatry 303-602-1590 
Poison and Drug Center, Rocky Mountain 800-222-1222
Prescription Refill Services  866-347-3345 
Primary Care Services 303-436-4949 
Public Health 303-602-3700 
Purchasing Department 303-602-7100
Rachel B. Noel Middle School School-Based Health Center 720-424-0909 
Radiology Services 303-602-4100 
Rehabilitation Therapy (PT, OT, ST) 303-436-4949 
Rheumatology  303-436-4949 
School-Based Health Centers 303-602-8958 
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinic 303-602-3540 
South High School School-Based Health Clinic 720-423-6260 
Southwest Family Health Center 303-602-0000 
Southwest Family Health Center Urgent Care 303-602-0000
Speech-Language Pathology Clinic 303-436-4949 
Surgery Clinic 303-602-7600 
Surgical Weight Loss Center 303-602-6232 
Thomas Jefferson High School School-Based Health Center  720-423-7190 
Trauma Center 303-436-4949 
Trauma & Injury Prevention Program 303-602-3672 
Travel Medicine 303-602-3530 
Tuberculosis Clinic 303-602-7240 
Urology 303-436-4949 
Vision & Eye Care (Ophthalmology) 303-436-4949 
Vital Records (Birth and Death Certificates) 303-602-3660
Volunteer Services  303-602-2926 
Webb Center for Primary Care 303-602-8270 
West High School School-Based Health Clinic 720-423-5456 
Westside Health Center 303-436-4200 
Westwood Health Center  303-602-4660 
Winter Park Medical Center 970-726-4299
Women's Care 303-436-4949 
Women's Care - Eastside Health Center 303-436-4949 
Women's Care - Westside Health Center 303-436-4949 
Women's Mobile Clinic 303-436-4949 
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