Six Employees Awarded Scholarships to Become Nurses

Scholarship Winners with Education Staff
(Left to right) Dr. Abraham Nussbaum, chief education officer; Jama Goers, director of the Nursing Education and Research Department; LaToya Hammons, undergraduate education coordinator; Monica Cruz Rivera, scholarship recipient; Maria Carrillo Venegas, scholarship recipient; Areli Campos Rocha, scholarship recipient; Dr. Bill Burman, former director of Public Health Institute at Denver Health; Cindy Garcia, scholarship recipient; Diana Flores-Plata, scholarship recipient; Kathy Boyle, chief nursing officer; Bethany Distel, scholarship recipient; Sarah Meadows, director of clinical education; and Jennifer Bonn, clinical nurse educator.

Six Denver Health employees are receiving scholarships to become nurses. The Office of Education and the Nursing Education and Research Department congratulated the three medical assistants, a certified nursing assistant, an education coordinator and a release of information specialist in an award ceremony on August 17, 2022.

Learn about Denver Health’s nursing education scholarships here.