Employee engagement survey key takeaways

Employee Engagement survey

  • We saw an overall decline in our engagement numbers and heard you ask for improvements to services provided by Payroll and Human Resources as well as better communication.
  • We are aware that we still have opportunities to make improvements in the service we provide to staff, and we value your opinions on how things are going so far.
  • To address these concerns, we have:
    1. Made significant, well-received changes to the pay and compensation structure for employees
    2. Improved customer service options within Human Resources
    3. Invested in new systems and tools for our employees’ needs
    4. Worked to improve communications throughout Denver Health

In the 2020 Employee and Provider Engagement Survey Denver Health saw an overall decline in our engagement numbers. This means that employees and providers were not feeling as positive about their jobs and coming to work each day or feeling as connected with leadership and the organization as a whole. Based off your feedback, our teams in Payroll, Human Resources and Operations have been working hard to create meaningful change on issues that you told us matter to you.


Since the last survey, Denver Health has been working hard to address your concerns over pay. Some of the improvements we have made include:

  • Investing $16 million in pay increases in December 2021, as an acknowledgement of the commitment and hard work of our staff.
  • Adjusting compensation through market assessments in 2021 and 2022 to be competitive in order to attract, recruit, reward and retain exceptional team members.
  • Developing multiple incentives to support current staff who want to pick up extra shifts to earn more. Our Critical Staffing Incentives (CSI) and Denver Health Voluntary Overtime Agreements (DHVOA) programs pay higher rates for additional (and optional) shifts.
  • Significantly reduced and nearly eliminated pay errors.
  • Adding Longevity Pay for employees at the top of their salary range.

Human Resources

Since the 2020 survey, the Human Resources (HR) Department has put significant effort into improving customer service for you. We have:

  • Opened new offices in Pavilion B for our Human Resources and Payroll Departments so more employees can get personalized attention closer to the location where you work.
  • Created service-level agreement to demonstrate our commitment to working effectively and efficiently to address your issues and concerns.
  • Provided new dashboard reporting (Leader Turnover dashboard via Tableau and HR Dashboard posted by the 10th of each month) with key HR data to help leaders make informed decisions.
  • Launched a new HR and Payroll portal where you are able to quickly ask questions and get answers to your questions. Our goal is to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.
  • Launched a customer service survey to learn about your experiences working with HR.

Improving Communications, Systems and Tools

In the 2020 survey you shared your frustration over using systems like Compass for hiring and Lawson for payroll. Denver Health heard that feedback and has invested in Workday, a best-in-class, user-friendly tool that houses an organization’s employee information beginning with the application and hiring processes, through employee onboarding, benefits enrollment and professional development.

We will transition a significant portion of our HR and Payroll services to Workday in January 2023. By transitioning away from Compass and Lawson for HR and Payroll, we expect to streamline processes, improve user experience and increase capabilities for leaders and employees across the organization.

You also provided feedback that you wanted more transparency and open communication throughout Denver Health and between departments. Because you told us the person you report to cares about your job satisfaction, treats you with respect and treats all employees equally regardless of their background, we expanded leader communications with the expectation they will share important information with their teams.

The improved communication methods include:

  • Bi-annual Town Hall meetings with senior leaders so you can learn more and hear updates on Denver Health including progress on goals and system objectives, financial performance and important strategic developments.
  • Weekly Leadership Huddles to share important updates on what’s happening throughout the organization that employees need to know. Leaders are encouraged to share the details with their teams.

Although we still have opportunities to make improvements in the services Payroll, HR and Operations provide to staff, we want you to know that we value your opinions and will continue to improve these services based on your ongoing feedback.