Child Safety Tips – Stranger Danger

January 01, 2017

Stranger Danger

Providing a safe environment when our children are away from home is a parent’s responsibility. One of the best things you can do for your children is to educate them and make them aware of the dangers.

Child Safety Tips can help protect your child and provide some peace of mind.

  • Always supervise your child so they are not left unattended.
  • Encourage children to buddy up and never play in “danger areas” such as dark places, abandoned buildings and areas where they cannot be heard if they need help.
  • A stranger is anyone you don’t know. Even if someone is pretty, nice or looks safe, that person is still a stranger. Tell your child that teachers, police officers and firemen are ok.
  • Teach your child to report the incident to an adult they know as soon as possible.
  • Teach your child his name, address and phone number. Take annual photos of your children.
  • Teach your child to not approach a stranger’s car.
  • Teach your child to never take food, candy, or toys from a stranger.
  • Teach your child to avoid petting a stranger’s animal, even if they are invited to pet it.
  • Teach your child to stay away from strangers who might be asking them for help. If a stranger asks for help, get away as fast as possible.
  • Teach your child to tell a parent or another trusted adult immediately if anyone ever makes him or her feel uncomfortable in any way.
  • Teach your child to yell “No! You’re not my mom/dad” and fight as hard as you can to get loose if a stranger is trying to take them. Kick, bite, scratch and run to a public place and keep running until they find an adult who can help.
  • Teach your children to stay by your side in public places and to avoid wandering off alone.

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