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January 01, 2017

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Talking with Your Parents about Your Sexual Decisions

The decisions you are making about your sexual behavior are an important part of becoming an adult. You may be asking yourself some questions:

  • Am I really ready to have intercourse?
  • How can I protect myself from sexually transmitted diseases?
  • Am I ready to have a baby?
  • How can I keep from getting pregnant?
  • What does having sex mean in my relationship with my partner?

Most young people would like to talk to an older, more experienced person about sex. You may be surprised to learn that your parents want to listen and to talk about the issues.

Remember, your parents may already be worrying about whether you are having sex. They may be relieved to know you are being responsible about having sex and using birth control.

Talking about sex can be hard. You may think your parents will get mad. Here are some tips for talking with your parents:

  • Start with the parent you are most comfortable talking with
  • Choose a time when you are both relaxed, not after an argument or at the end of a hard day
  • If you really aren't sure how they'll react, tell them about "a friend"
  • You might start the conversation by asking your parents how they decided they were ready to have sex
  • If they do get angry or upset, give them some time to calm down. You thought about what to say for a long time, and they may need some time to think about what they want to say.

Think carefully about including your parents in your sexual decision-making. Decide if sharing this information would put you in danger.

Talking about such personal subjects can be embarrassing. But this is your chance to show your good communication skills. Try to:

  • Stay calm and listen
  • Understand that parents care about your health and happiness
  • Reassure your parents that you are taking care of yourself and getting the healthcare you need

Talking with your parents about sex and birth control can be an important step in your growth to adulthood.

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