Zumba Safety Tips

January 01, 2017

Zumba Safety

Zumba! It’s a high energy aerobic workout that uses dance steps borrowed from the merengue, salsa and other dances. The Zumba exercise craze continues to grow in popularity as more than 12 million fitness buffs worldwide participate.

Before beginning Zumba, as with any new exercise program, check with your doctor. If you are pregnant or have a major cardiovascular, pulmonary or metabolic condition, traditional Zumba may not be right for you. Consider taking Aqua Zumba or Zumba Gold, a low-impact version instead.

People who have existing knee, hip or ankle problems should be careful and check with their doctor to modify the dance routines by avoiding jumps or swiveling hip movements.

Enjoy your Zumba exercise and prevent injuries by following these safety tips:

  • Choose the Right Shoes: Choose thinly-soled sneakers, dance shoes or comfortable workout shoes without lots of tread to slow you down. Avoid running shoes, which are made for forward, not side to side, movement. Make sure to wear flexible shoes with the right amount of arch support.
  • Find a Good Instructor: Find a licensed Zumba instructor in your area by visiting Zumba.com.
  • Prepare for Class: Zumba instructors select dance steps from a variety of dance styles, including salsa, samba, merengue, hip-hop, tango and belly dancing. Take a class or learn the dance moves before beginning.
  • Find the Room to Move: You need room to move. Make sure the room size is adequate for the number of dancers.
  • Avoid the Wrong Floors: Find a class with hardwood floors instead of a makeshift Zumba studios often found in churches, school auditoriums or office buildings. Watch for wet floors from sweat, humidity and wet soles.
  • Pace Yourself: Make sure you warm up and stretch first. Zumba classes typically start quickly without adequate warm-ups.
  • Drink Water: You will sweat and can quickly become dehydrated. Bring a bottle of water and drink often. If you feel faint or lightheaded during your workout, stop.

Download Zumba Safety Tips PDF (English)

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