Stopping the Spread of COVID 19 In Any Language

April 29, 2020

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Denver Health is proud to provide care for all in our community, especially at this time when we are experiencing the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We provide the same quality care, no matter what language our patients speak, with the help of native-speaking patient navigators as well as our language interpretation services, serving patients who speak more than 200 different languages, free of charge.

Denver Health partnered with the City of Denver's Immigrant and Refugee Commission, New American Neighbors and Denver Public Schools, EDUCA radio, to record videos in 12 different languages about how to stay safe and stop the spread of COVID-19. We used community leaders who are native speakers from each of these different communities:

See our playlist of COVID-19 messaging in 12 different languages.
Arabic Imam Mahmoud HajDarwish 
Arabic Mohamed Juma 
Burmese Ka Paw Htoo 
Dari Aurangzaib Sharifi 
French Adrien Matadi 
Karen Kuang Oo 
Nepali Asbi Mizer 
Pashto Aurangzaib Sharifi 
Russian Nadia Sonkina 
Somali Farduus Ahmed 
Spanish Julio Martinez Coronado 
Tigrinya Abdu Jemil 
Vietnamese Vy Le 
Vietnamese Father Joseph Dang 
Compilation (12 languages with English captioning)

In each video, a native speaker urges their community to follow the stay at home/safer at home orders and apply social distancing guidelines of at least six feet whenever in public.

Telehealth Appointments at Denver Health Available in Any Language 

During the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond, Denver Health is also offering telehealth appointments to all patients in all languages – which is a doctor's appointment by phone. Patients do not need to leave their homes and no special equipment is needed. The telehealth appointments are available whether you are a new or existing Denver Health patient.

Current and new patients can make a telehealth appointment by calling 720-583-7998 or online through the free MyChart app.

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