Santa Pays a Visit to Denver Health NICU Babies

December 22, 2020

Santa visits NICU babies

COVID -19 has changed much of what the care team and families do in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) on a day-to-day basis. We strive to provide the best medical care for our tiny, fragile patients while acknowledging  the importance of parental and family involvement.

This year has been difficult for our families because only moms and dads can visit their babies while they are in the NICU. These guidelines help lessen our babies' exposure to potential sources of infections. Other family members, including siblings, have not been able to visit our NICU patients while they are in the hospital.

NICU Staff Spread Holiday Cheer

To try and create some sense of normalcy this year, the NICU Patient and Family Advisory committee chaired by NICU RNs Jackie Dicharry and Brittany Boyajian, wanted to do something special for the holiday season. Typically we have a variety of things happening around the holiday season to help families celebrate milestones with their babies that can’t be home with them, but this year it was unsafe for the NICU to host these because of COVID-19.

We decided the best way to spread holiday cheer was have two of our very own NICU nurses dress up as Santa and Santa’s elf as our usual Santa could not come to the NICU. We did this with the help of and collaboration from Erika Crosswhite from the Child Life Program, who loaned us a Santa costume and supplies to help families celebrate.

Hannah Antista dressed up as Santa, and Santa’s Elf was played by Kelly Huber; two of our dedicated and talented nurses. The two nurses came in on their days off to help our NICU babies and families celebrate. Jackie Dicharry, our professional photographer and nurse, photographed all our babies for the occasion.

Our NICU parents who were able to come in for the occasion were filled with joy to be able to celebrate with their little ones. Having Santa come to town truly uplifted everyone’s sprits in the NICU, including all of the NICU staff. We encourage everyone to have a safe an pleasant holiday and we hope the pictures help to spread a little bit of happiness. 

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