Visit the Outpatient Medical Center at Denver Health

Denver Health’s Outpatient Medical Center centralizes numerous services under one 293,000 square foot roof, in an easy-to-access downtown location. It includes a day surgery center, a new location for our Adult Urgent Care Center, expanded pharmacylab services and radiology

Benefits offered by the Outpatient Medical Center:


  • Improved access to care for patients, 

  • Greater convenience to parking, localized health services and pharmacy needs, 

  • Enhanced patient experience with state-of-art facility and equipment, 

  • High-quality care, 

  • Affordable health services

Why Denver Health?

Denver Health was founded as City Hospital in 1860 to serve the health care needs of the rapidly developing city of Denver. Today, Denver Health delivers preventative, primary and acute care services.

We believe healthy people are the foundation of a vibrant community, and Denver Health has been treating and healing the people of Denver for more than 160 years. As a comprehensive, integrated organization, we provide hospital and emergency care to the public, regardless of ability to pay. This integration promotes continuity of care for each patient and assures health care that is delivered in the most efficient, cost-effective setting.


One Third of Babies Born at Denver HealthTotal Patient Visits Per Year98 Percent Trauma Survival Rate