Denver Health Paramedics Praised for Home Delivery

October 08, 2018

Denver Health Paramedics Deliver Baby
First-time mother and Denver Health patient Kayla Gardner didn't expect to go into labor at home, but on August 28, 2018, that is exactly what happened.

After a call to 911, Denver Health Paramedics arrived just in time to deliver the baby girl and safely deal with what could have been a serious complication – removing the umbilical cord from around the baby's neck.
Denver Health Paramedics reunite with new mother Kayla Gardner
L-R Denver Health Paramedics Analaura Lenz and Sebastian Naranjo; Kayla Gardner; paramedic Jarrett Dale

After the delivery, paramedics took mom and the newborn baby to Denver Health, where Gardner had been receiving her prenatal care. Both are now healthy and doing well.

Nearly a month after the delivery, Gardner and her family returned to Denver Health to thank paramedics Analaura Lenz, Sebastian Naranjo and Jarrett Dale for their calm and supportive care during a serious situation.

The paramedics presented the new mom and baby with a few small gifts, including booties and a onesie that said "future paramedic."
Denver Health paramedics present gifts to new motherNew mother Kayla Gardner receives gifts for her new baby from Denver Health Paramedics.