How a Mammogram Can Save Your Life

October 19, 2018

Denver Health Women's Mobile Clinic

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Watch this demonstration of the mammogram procedure, and hear some of the most commonly asked questions answered by the Women's Mobile Clinic Staff.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and today is National Mammography Day, which is a great time to remind the women in our lives to get screened for breast cancer.

Denver Health's Women's Mobile Clinic has been providing mammograms in Denver for more than 15 years. The clinic travels to different locations around the city, making it more convenient to get these life-saving, important screenings. Its staff screens more than 3,000 women for breast cancer every year.

A mammogram detects breast changes and breast cancer long before they can be felt or seen. According to Denver Health Mammography Technologist KimHuyen Hoang, the process takes just five to 15 minutes.

"Women should start getting regular mammograms by age 50," said Women's Mobile Clinic Program Manager Ashley Shurley, NP. "Women 40 to 49 should talk with a provider about whether they should be getting screened earlier. Screenings should happen every one to two years."

To schedule a mammogram, call a care navigator at 303-602-0482, or head over to our Women's Mobile Clinic web page to find out where the Women's Mobile Clinic will be stopping next. Our care navigators speak English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Arabic, and other language interpretation services are available.