Gratitude is Good for Your Health

November 20, 2018

Denver Health employees talk about what they are thankful for on Thanksgiving
It's something some of us only think about on Thanksgiving, but numerous studies have shown that being thankful and showing gratitude on a daily basis is not only good for your mental well-being, but also your overall health and physical well-being.

For this Thanksgiving, we asked a few of our employees what they are most thankful for. While everyone we talked to told us they are grateful for their jobs at Denver Health, we also heard about some of the other vital things that make their lives a little better.
Watch Denver Health employees talk about what they are thankful for in this short video.

Denver Health Paramedics vehicle service technician Jeremy Swanson said, "I'm most thankful for my family, they always support me."

"I'm very grateful for that [RTD] EcoPass," said trauma department clerical assistant Monica Scott. "It saves me a lot of money on traveling to work every day and a lot of frustration!"

Custodian Nicole Nutter proclaimed, "I'm thankful for being alive!" while fellow custodian Rosa Jefferson said she's "thankful for her kids."

Medical assistant in the Level One Physicians Clinic at the Webb Family Health Center Ivy Basquez is also thankful for her kids and family, her husband and her friends.

Coming to work everyday was made easier for Adam Dyas, M.D., a trauma intern, because he is thankful for his co-interns that he has met over the past couple of months.

Adrianne Bauer, R.N., nursing program manager at the Level One Physicians Clinic, summed it up by expressing thankfulness for "friends, family and a great job at Denver Health!"