Denver Health Paramedics is Hiring

August 01, 2019

Denver Health Paramedic hiring
Think you have what it takes to care for the sick and injured in Denver? Denver Health is always looking for new recruits to join its team of more than 200 Denver Health Paramedics.

In 2018, the Denver Health Paramedics responded to more than 117,000 medical emergency 911 calls in the Denver metro area. They are also on call for any medical emergencies at major sporting events, concerts, outdoor festivals and at Denver International Airport.

There are several paramedic academies every year and applications to be a paramedic are always being accepted. The next paramedic academy is in December.

Prior experience is not required, but those with experience working in a busy 911 system are preferred.

"We are an urban system and run a lot of medical calls," said Julie Arellano, EMS operations captain for Denver Health.

The academy will run about 20 weeks and includes a combination of ride-alongs and classroom time.

To apply for the next paramedic academy, visit the Denver Health Paramedic recruitment page.