Nonprofit Gives Ponchos to Cancer Patients

August 23, 2019

Ponchos for Cancer Patients at Denver Health
Patients at Denver Health's Cancer Care Services blood infusion center received gifts of warmth and comfort Wednesday during their chemotherapy treatments. The port-friendly ponchos (ponchos designed to be easily worn around ports, which are nickel or quarter-sized implants that act like artificial veins for tubes or catheters to administer IV medication and fluids) are handmade by Barbara Goldsby, Co-founder of Three Sisters Non-Profit in Littleton. Goldsby delivers them every month to patients like Lazara Nevarez, pictured here.

Employees also appreciate the donations.
"It makes our patients feel special," said Elizabeth Bibiloni Velazquez, a Health Education Specialist with the Cancer Resource Center at Denver Health.
The non-profit organization plans to donate more comfort items to the center on an ongoing basis.