Help for Uninsured During COVID-19 Outbreak

April 03, 2020

help for uninsured during coronavirus outbreak Denver Health

Update April 3, 2020: Colorado's Special Election Period for those who are uninsured during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has now been extended through April 30, 2020. See details in original article below. 

Original article: The Colorado Division of Insurance and Connect for Health Colorado are offering help for Coloradans who find themselves uninsured during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The insurance exchange is now open for a Special Election Period. This allows uninsured Coloradans to get health insurance, including many who have lost their job and their employer's insurance due to COVID-19.

The state's emergency order is in response to concerns over COVID-19 testing and care. Health insurance is available for uninsured persons without the usual Special Election Period verification process. This only applies if the following requirements are met:

  • The enrollee does not have other Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) – a standard or type of coverage you need to meet the individual mandate requirement under the Affordable Care Act – find more information here
  • The enrollee verbally attests that they do not have MEC


The Special Election Period:


According to the state Division of Insurance, Coloradans who lose their job, or who may lose their job in the coming weeks, and thus lose their employer-based health insurance, are reminded that loss of such coverage allows them a 60-day window to enroll in individual coverage, whenever that might happen throughout the year. See Connect for Health Colorado’s “When can I buy insurance?” page for details.

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