Denver Health NICU Newborns Celebrate First Easter

April 12, 2022

Denver Health NICU babies Easter 2022
Having a baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is often a stressful experience, but with Easter coming up, Denver Health's NICU Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC) wanted to do something special that the parents of these little ones will never forget.

Some might say that our NICU parents won the best Easter egg prizes when the PFAC took photos of their babies in giant plastic Easter eggs this year. PFAC co-chair Jacqueline Dicharry, RN, photographed the babies after co-chairs Stephanie Le, RN, and Brittany Boyajian, RN, along with PFAC member, Kara Hlavnicka, RN, posed the babies in their oversized eggs.

Many of the parents participated in the event by bringing Easter outfits for their little ones or posing in the photos with their babies. Each family will receive a copy of one of the photos printed and framed. 

"We love being able to do something to put a smile on the parents' faces during the stressful journey of having a child in the NICU," said Dicharry.

See all the photos in the slideshow below.