Safety checkpoints coming to Pavilions A and C

February 10, 2023

metalDetectors 350x350
Denver Health's commitment to improving workplace safety is taking an important step this month with the introduction of new safety checkpoints at the entrances of Pavilions A and C. Metal detector screenings and bag searches will be added as a trial on Monday, Feb. 27. The mobile metal detectors are being added because of concerns from staff, patients and visitors. The security team plans a trial run of an hour or two on the morning of Feb. 27, tentatively starting at 8 a.m. Denver Health leaders and members of the Lean team will be on hand to observe and provide feedback that will help improve the process for trials in the following weeks, some of which will occur in the evening. Signage will be posted at the entrances and elsewhere to guide patients and visitors through the process. Employees with badges do not need to go through the metal detectors and will be waved through by security. However, employees are encouraged during these trials to use their badges to access employee-only entrances. Patients in emergency situations will be allowed to pass through immediately with the aid of one of our security officers to avoid a delay in care. These trials will provide valuable data and feedback for the security team and leaders as they work to standardize a process for metal detectors and bag searches.