Inside-Trauma: Stories from the Heart

April 05, 2024

Inside Trauma gala cover 351x527

Inside Trauma: Stories from the Heart is a collection of stories unlike any other you will find. Denver Health patients and family members of Denver Health patients share their deepest feelings regarding their injuries, their conditions, and the people who cared for them.

Many of the chapters highlight harrowing stories of life-threatening experiences captured using the narrative medicine approach to storytelling. Narrative medicine is a method of interview that uses patients’ own stories to better understand their experience so clinicians can provide better care. The stories capture the physical, relational, and psychological dimensions of illness. In some cases, patients emerge with new perspectives on their illness and treatment by sharing their life story.

Denver Health would like to thank editor Auna Jornayvaz and her group of storytellers for donating their time, talent, and treasure to this project.

Inside Trauma: Stories from the Heart is due out later in 2024. Complete this form to place an order for your copy.