What You Need to Know About HPV and the HPV Vaccine

June 23, 2022

HPV Vaccine Info Denver Health Blog
The human papillomavirus (commonly known as HPV) is one of the most common viruses circulating right now, because it is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. Four out of five people are expected to get the virus during their lifetimes. HPV can cause several cancers, which is why getting the vaccine is good cancer prevention. The two-dose HPV vaccine can prevent 90 percent of these cancers, when given to a child before they are exposed to the virus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the HPV vaccine be given to children of all genders between the ages of 9 - 12. The two doses should be given six to 12 months apart. HPV vaccines are also available to people age 15-45 and to immunocompromised people age nine and up as a three-dose series.

The HPV Vaccine is safe and like other vaccines, most side effects are mild. They can include fever, headache, and pain or redness in the arm where the vaccine was given. More than 135 million doses of HPV vaccines have been distributed since they were licensed. Data continue to show the vaccines are safe and effective.

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