Trauma Lecture Recordings

Denver Health is pleased to offer you the opportunity to view many of our past trauma lectures. Please click on the lecture below that you would like to view.


April 2024 - Primary Palliative Care for the Surgical Intensivist -  Dr. Barry Platnick

March 2024 - Prehospital Trauma Priorities by Dr. Shea Gilliam

January 2024 - Optimizing REBOA for Trauma by Dr. Ernest ‘Gene’ Moore


January 2023 - Ethical and Medical Issues Surrounding Brain Death in Trauma by Dr. Montano

February 2023 - Care of the Pediatric Trauma Patient by Dr. Kunrath

March 2023 - Get Versed in the Reverse: A Review on Anticoagulant Reversal in Trauma by Katie Dionne, PharmD and Lance Ray, PharmD

April 2023 - Neurosurgical Critical Care: Trauma by Dr. Fabio Grassia

May 2023 - New and Common Drugs of Abuse: When Trauma is Compounded by Toxicology by Dr. Nik Matsler

June 2023 - Being a Child Should be Fun: Recognition of Non-Accidental Trauma by Missy Anderson, RN

July 2023 -  Practical Tips for Acute Management of the Mangled Extremity by Dr. Andrew Maertens

August 2023 - Pathophysiology for Trauma Induced Coagulopathy by Dr. Gene Moore

September 2023 - Adult and Pediatric Microvascular Trauma by Dr. Kyros Ipaktchi

October 2023 - Pregnancy & Trauma: The Tale of Two Patients by Dr. Kylie Steenbergh

November 2023 – Stop the Bleed for Kids: A Pediatric Approach to the National Educational Campaign by Missy Anderson, RN

December 2023 – Spinal Cord Trauma by Dr. Muhammad Riaz


January 2022 -  A view from the safety net: coordinated substance use disorder treatment during COVID

March 2022 - REBOA: the Evolution at Denver Health

September 2022 - Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation In The Acute Trauma Setting


 January 2021 - Pain Treatment for Pediatric Trauma Patients by Dr. Claudia Kunrath

 February 2021 - Extracorporeal Life Support: Trauma, Hypothermia, COVID-19 by Dr. Ryan Lawless

 March 2021 - Complex Pelvic Trauma by Dr. Clay Burlew

 April 2021 - Open Fractures: Historic perspective and current treatment strategies by Dr. Stephen Stacey

 May 2021 - Subtle Clues: Recognizing Signs of Child Abuse

 June 2021 - Management of the Mangled Hand

 July 2021 - Zero Suicide Framework

 September 2021 - Management of the OB Trauma Patient

 October 2021 - Not Just Little Adults: Shock and Hemorrhage in Children

 November 2021 - Trauma Visual Cues

 December 2021 - Acute Care of the Burn-Injured Patient


January 2020 - Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation in the Acute Trauma Setting by Dr. Oscar Sanchez

February 2020 - Geriatric Trauma at Your Hospital by Dr. Barry Platnick

March 2020 - Big Flap, Small Flap: Trauma Reconstruction Case Examples from the Hand and Plastic Surgery Service by Dr. Stephanie Malliaris

May 2020 - COVID Induced Coagulopathy by Dr. Ernest E. Moore

June 2020 - Radiologic Manifestations in Trauma--A Case Based Approach by Dr. Michael Fleisher

July 2020 - Operative Head Trauma by Dr. Jenny Kang

August 2020 - Pediatric Head Injury and its Management by Dr. Muhammad Riaz

September 2020 - Thoracolumbar Spine Trauma by Dr. Jenny Kang

October 2020 - The Obese Trauma Patient by Dr. Maria Moreira

November 2020 - ETCO2/Prehospital ETCO2 by Dr. Eric Campion

December 2020 - The Critical Airway: A Risk Management Approach by Dr. Brian Keech (Password: December2020)


July 2019 - The Obstetric Trauma Patient with Nicki Nguyen, MD

August 2019 - Lessons Learned in the Management of Trauma from the US Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with Dr. Mark Chandler

September 2019 - Venous Thromboembolism After Trauma by Dr. Jonathan Meizoso

October 2019 - Update on Surgical Stabilization of Rib Fractures by Dr. Fred Pieracci

November 2019 - What Every Trauma Provider Should Know About Spinal Cord Injury by Dr. Susan Ladley

December 2019 - Half Empty or Half Full? Resuscitative Ultrasound for Everyone! by Dr. Molly Theissen


January 2018 - The Hx and Controversy Behind Pre-hospital and Early TXA with Julia Coleman, MD

March 2018 - REBOA - Evolution or Another Tool in the Toolbox with Jason Samuels, MD

May 2018 - Replantation: Management of Mangled Extremities with Kyros Ipaktchi, MD

September 2018 - Limb Salvage or Life Salvage with Joshua Parry MD


February 2017 - Surgical Stabilization of Rib Fractures with Fredric Pieracci, MD

April 2017 - Hemostatic Resuscitation and Bleeding Adjuncts in Trauma with Beth Benish, MD

July 2017 - Update in Pediatric Trauma with Denis Bensard, MD

August 2017 - Acute Compartment Syndrome with David Hak, MD

November 2017 - Combat Study Results with Ernest E. Moore, MD