Trauma and Inpatient Transfers and Consultations

The 24-hour Transfer Center at Denver Health is a one-call resource for transfers and consultations to Denver Health. Dedicated clinical staff answers the phone and takes care of coordinating transfers for all trauma and direct inpatient transfers for adults and children.


Call the Denver Health Transfer Center; anytime, day or night. Your call will be answered promptly and will be recorded. Call 1-855-602-5280. 

The Transfer Center nurse will then collect initial information, determine appropriate clinical service to be contacted and document all patient information in our transfer center software system.

When calling the Transfer Center, the following will be requested:

  • Referring hospital name and phone number
  • Referring physician name and contact numbers
  • Patient name, age, diagnosis, and type of specialty care or service requested
  • Clinical status of the patient
  • Clinical Packet (H&P, Labs, Diagnostic Studies and Formal Reads & Interventions)

The Denver Health attending physician or designee will determine the patient’s transfer status.

The patient’s transfer plan will be determined at the conclusion of the three-way call between the referring physician, Denver Health physician and Transfer Center nurse.

The Transfer Center nurse will facilitate all components of the patient’s urgent/ emergent admission/transfer process.

Regular updates will be provided by the Transfer Center nurse at pre-designated intervals and upon request.

Denver Health works closely with referring health care providers to provide high quality, collaborative care. When you transfer a patient to Denver Health, our team of physicians will partner with you and keep you apprised of your patient’s care by providing follow-up reports, consult notes and any testing results.

Call 1-855-602-5280

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