Denver Health School-based Health Centers Help Kids Get Access to Health Care

July 31, 2019


Is your child getting the right health care? Kids are heading back to school and access to proper health care – such as school immunizations and mental health services – can be difficult for some families to obtain due to costs, distance or other circumstances.

Denver Health's School-based Health Centers help fill in this gap by providing no-cost health care services to Denver Public School students inside some of the schools. This can be immensely helpful to families.

Janis Espinoza, whose daughter attended a DPS school, recalls, “We didn't have transportation. She got shots and stuff like that there. It helped a lot.”

“It provides the services to kids that, really, often times wouldn't get it,” said Jennifer Koch, director of Denver Health's Integrated Behavioral Health Services at the School-based Health Centers.

School-based Health Centers provide basic health services as well as more intensive services than those that can be provided by a school counselor.

Some of these services include: physicals, immunizations, asthma management, dental care, mental health care and substance abuse services.

There are currently 17 Denver Health School-based Health Centers in Denver Public Schools, and a new one will be added at East High School this fall.

The centers are open from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday.

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