Sponsored Programs and Research Office

Denver Health provides grant management support through the central office of Sponsored Programs and Research Office (SPARO) with the administrative, financial and regulatory compliance capacity necessary to manage a $62 million grant portfolio. SPARO is housed in the Office of Research and serves as Denver Health's official centralized coordinating office, assisting providers and staff in managing funding support for research, instruction, public service and other special projects. 

The purpose of SPARO is to monitor compliance with federal regulations, institutional and sponsoring agency policies and procedures regarding the management of financial aspects of sponsored research programs; to clarify proposal submission procedures and processing of awards for external sponsored program funds; and to guarantee uniform administrative processes among Denver Health's departments. SPARO functions as a liaison between sponsors and the Principal Investigator in matters of policy, procedures, and regulations and provides communication, education, and training on proposals, awards, and contracts. 

Contact us at: sparo@dhha.org

PHS regulation mandates we make a copy of our Research Conflict of Commitment and Conflict of Interest policy available.