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At the core of our health system’s innovation are accessible medical studies and patient-centered research. As a learning health system, we prioritize diverse patient enrollment and accessible medical studies for research that leads to the high quality and equitable care we provide to patients every day.

Clinical trials participation by people like you help us add to medical knowledge and build an evidence base to address the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of diseases or conditions, particularly for underserved populations and their social determinants of health.

Find out more about our evidence-based and patient-centered research and a clinical trial that could be right for you in your health journey.

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  1. Go to your MyChart menu
  2. Select Research Studies
  3. Mark your interests

You can also search our active and enrolling clinical trials below. If you see a study that you would like to enroll in, please email us at officeofresearch@dhha.org today!

Active and enrolling clinical trials

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Find out about research from these agencies Denver Health works with to ensure the highest quality and equitable research and care:

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Exception Form Informed Consent (EFIC) studies

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