Routine Hearing Evaluations

Patients with concerns about their hearing can obtain a comprehensive hearing evaluation in one of our specially calibrated sound booths. A complete hearing exam will discover and explore the overall health of your entire hearing system. We will evaluate not only your ability to detect soft environmental and speech-related sounds, but how clearly you can understand speech. Your results will be explained to you the very same day.

Pediatric Hearing Care

The ability to hear is especially crucial to a child’s development of speech and language, as well as their ability to learn in school. Children from birth to teens can have a wide-ranging evaluation of their ears and hearing using approaches designed specifically for them, such as playing a game, looking for light-up toys, or evaluating the brain’s response to sounds while your child sleeps. The results of the hearing test will be explained to you the same day.

Newborn Hearing Screening

Every baby born to a Colorado hospital will receive a hearing screening as part of their initial health evaluation. This easy hearing test is completed when the baby is quiet or sleeping. A special machine will play a soft sound in your baby’s ear, and will show if he or she is responding to sounds. While most babies will pass their hearing screening the same day, some babies will need to be tested again to verify the results. Babies who do not pass their first hearing test in the hospital, or who have been referred for a repeat hearing screening by their doctor, can be seen by our Audiologists for a follow up test. Results will be available and explained to you the day of the appointment.

Vestibular Testing

The vestibular system is part of the inner ear that helps provide your body with balance. Patients who are feeling dizzy or experiencing vertigo may be referred by their doctor for a test called videonystagmography, commonly called a VNG. This test will evaluate how well your vestibular system, eyes, and brain are working together to provide you with balance, and seek to determine the cause of chronic dizziness. This two-hour test will include watching lights move across a screen, laying in different positions on a bed and having warm or cool air gently blown into the ear canals to stimulate the inner ear.

Hearing Aids for Adults

Recent studies have indicated that untreated hearing loss may contribute to a higher risk for cognitive issues later in life, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Patients with a diagnosed hearing loss can be seen at Denver Health audiology for an individualized hearing aid consultation. Our Audiologists will work with you to help you find a hearing solution that will fit your needs and lifestyle.  We also provide all hearing aid services, including repairs and reprogramming, for the life of the hearing device.

Hearing Aids for Babies and Children

Infants and children with a diagnosed hearing loss can be fit with state-of-the-art hearing aids. Available in fun colors and designed specifically for the pediatric ear, these hearing aids are designed to work with the special equipment that may be used in your child’s classroom to help them hear their teachers. Our audiologists can also work closely with your child’s school to provide comprehensive care to keep your child hearing and learning well.