Our Head Start Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Team

Jaime Lanin

Jaime Lanin, LCSW, PMH-C
Program Supervisor

Hello, my name is Jaime Lanin. My specialization lies in early childhood mental health, perinatal mental health, and addressing the impacts of trauma across the lifespan. Supporting caregivers (caregivers of all facets - parents, kin, teachers, etc) is my favorite part of this work – building their capacity, competency, and well-being to take on the challenges of raising resilient, healthy children. We know that “success” in mental healthcare is entirely dependent on the relationships we create, and what a gift it is we get to have a job that is centered around being in relationship with others. Those relationships keep me fueled in this work, and it is undoubtedly the most important aspect of consultation. I feel honored to supervise this team of amazing clinicians and feel so proud to work alongside them. My favorite thing to do outside of work is to spend time with my funny little toddler and my husband, whether it be hiking and camping in the mountains, visiting my hometown in Hawaii, or dancing around our house together on sleepy Sunday mornings. 

Sonia Torres

Sonia Torres, LCSW, LAC
Clinical Social Worker Head Start Lead and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

Hello, My name is Sonia Torres and I have worked as a bilingual Social Worker for about 8 years in a variety of settings ranging from, schools, group homes, foster homes, primary care, residential facilities, and other youth facilities. My specialization is using a trauma informed lensed that focuses on how trauma affects wellbeing, relationships and substance use. I Have worked both in group settings and with individuals. I am passionate about Social Work, Families, Education, Early Learning, Youth, and Animals. My favorite part about consultation is building relationships with children, Head Start Staff and families. Outside of consultation I like spending time with my dog Puma, family, traveling and enjoy the outdoors.

Rebecca Fredericks

Rebecca Fredericks, LSW
Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

Hello! My name is Becca Fredericks and I was fortunate enough to join the Denver Health Consultation team in November 2021! Since beginning my journey in this field I have been given the opportunity to explore different facets of early childhood through trainings and other education opportunities. Currently, my specialties include challenging behaviors, social skills, routines, problem-solving skills, trauma-informed interventions, and maternal mental health. Helping children to build their skills has been a very fulfilling aspect of this work for me, but even more so is the work I get to do with caregivers and teachers. Working collaboratively with the attachment figures in these children’s lives is what makes this field so special. Outside of consultation, I like to spend my time reading, cooking, and laughing with friends. Sometimes I can convince them to join me at karaoke as well!

Jeanne Teske

Jeanne Teske, LCSW
Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

Hello, my name is Jeanne Teske. I earned my MSW from University of Michigan, in Social Treatment, which is direct clinical work with individuals and families. In practice, I have worked almost exclusively in Consultation, always associated with educational services of varying kinds.  I’m delighted to be with Head Start at this point in my career. I enjoy consultation, because it works mainly as collaboration.  I am constantly aware that I may serve as an advocate, at times, but I am always a partner with my consultee. Outside of work I love to walk in the City Parks and I hope to get back into quilting at some point.

Jazmin Hamza

Jazmin Hamza, LCSW
Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

Hello! My name is Jazmin Hamza, I graduated with my MSW from University of Denver with a concentration in Family Systems. I have worked with families in a variety of settings; a therapeutic setting, a recreational setting, a school setting and a community resource setting. My specialties include; early childhood, neurodivergence, special education, behavior, restorative practices and social-emotional development. I enjoy the opportunity we have as consultants in supporting caregivers in building protective factors for themselves and their child. Also, I enjoy the relationships we are able to build with the community, school staff, children and families. Outside of work I have fun taking dance classes, spending time with friends, exploring new food places and hanging in my backyard with our dogs.

Kristin Chivers

Kristin Chivers, LCSW
Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

Hello, My name is Kristin Chivers.  I graduated with my MSW from University of Denver with a concentration in Clinical Social Work.  I have worked with children and families in a variety of settings ranging from Community Mental Health, School Social Work, and Private Practice.  My work is based in a trauma informed approach while supporting children and families through transitions and life changes.  My specialties include parenting, child and caregiver relationships, trauma, behavior, child development, and restorative practices.  Consultation is an opportunity to help build protective factors in both caregivers and children, connect with community members, and provide on-going support to school staff and families.  Outside of consultation I enjoy spending time with my two beautiful children, Silas and Sophia and my family, camping, being outdoors, gardening, hanging out with my dogs, and traveling.

 Maren Safran

Maren Safran. LSW
Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

Hello, my name is Maren Safran, I graduated with my MSW from Metropolitan State University of Denver. I have experience working alongside children, adolescents, and adults who have experienced grief, loss, and major life transitions. My work is centers around validating personal experiences, building trusting relationships, and working collaboratively to encourage wellbeing. I enjoy this work because it allows me to work as a partner, connect with the community, and spread awareness. Outside of consulting I enjoy spending time with my family, crocheting, and being outdoors. I’m fluent in American Sign language

 Margaret Bellamy

Margaret Bellamy, LCSW, IMH-E®
Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

Hi, my name is Margaret Bellamy and I am a bilingual (English/Spanish) early childhood mental health consultant. I joined the ECMHC team in July of 2023 and I am thrilled to have an opportunity to be working alongside this group of caring, thoughtful, and empathic consultants.

My specialties lie in maternal, infant and early childhood mental health. I have worked in mental health for 14 years in a variety of settings including: home/community-based, in community mental health centers, and in integrative care. In my previous work as a therapist, I provided dyadic and individual therapy to children birth to five years old and their caregivers as well as to pregnant and postpartum individuals. After many years of providing therapy, I decided my skills would be best suited in a consultative role to support parents, caregivers, teachers, and administrative staff in better understanding the social and emotional needs of children. I am a big believer in the power of change and healing through relational work and that is where my passion lies as a consultant.

When I am not at work, I enjoy exploring toddler friendly activities with my two-year-old and my husband, connecting with friends near and far, playing in the yard with our dog, and traveling.

 Andrea Girolmo

Andrea Girolmo, LPC
Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

Hi, my name is Andrea Girolmo and my background is in family medicine as a bilingual behavioral consultant for the last 9 years. I have had the privilege to work with clients across the lifespan in both the medical setting and in my own private practice. I take pride in working with underserved populations and easing access to mental health care. I specialize in treating mood disorders and generational trauma. I use a person center approach and emphasize the importance of the therapeutic relationship. In my role as an Early Childhood Mental Health consultant, I want to provide education, support, access, and prevention. I enjoy working alongside the community I am serving and will often say my clients are the ones driving and I am the co-pilot. I find joy in spending time with my children, reading, and learning. I also love trying new foods, I believe food is a universal connection.

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