Our Pathology Team

Director of Service  Associate Director of Service Director of Lab Administration
Michael Wilson, MD Amy Storfa, MD Amanda Penick, MSHSA, MB (ASCP)


Pathologists        Specialties
Michael Wilson, MD Anatomic/Clinical Pathology; Medical Microbiology
Amy Storfa, MD Anatomic/Clinical/Surgical Pathology
Kaleigh Lindholm, MD Anatomic/Clinical Pathology; Hematopathology
Loes Nardi-Korver, MD  
Mary O'Keefe, MD Breast and Gynecologic Pathology
M. Sherif Said, MD  
Hilary Sillik, MD Dermatopathology; Head and Neck Pathology
Stephanie Holdener, MD  
Shalini Chahal, MD Genitourinary Pathology; Breast Pathology
Jason Moss, MD Anatomic/Clinical Pathology; Cytopathology


Amy Gawal, MHS PA (ASCP) - Decedent Affairs Andrea Brown, MS-PA (ASCP), CT (ASCP), HT (ASCP) - Anatomical Pathology
Samuel Maradufu, MS-PA (ASCP), MLS (ASCP) - Surgical Pathology Jenna Rocker, MLS (ASCP) - Quality and Regulations
Janine Shepherd, MLS (ASCP), SBB, MAH - Transfusion Services Amy Valchev, MLS (ASCP) - Chemistry and Blood Gases
Steve Marmolejo, MLS (ASCP) - Hematology/Coagulation/Urinalysis Erin Stone, MLS (ASCP) - OMC Laboratory
 Jake Fray, MHA, MLS (ASCP) - Point of Care
Tim Bacon, MLS (ASCP) & Laura Triplett, MS-M (ASCP) - Infectious Disease/Microbiology/TB Lab/Immunology/Molecular
Brittany Coleman, AS & Jenifer Black, A.O.S, CMA, CPT - Phlebotomy and Processing
Kelsey Foster, MLS (ASCP) & CaSandra Petty, BS - ACS Laboratories