Advanced Minimally-Invasive Surgery

Denver Health’s Advanced Minimally-Invasive Surgery (MIS) treats complex urological conditions. Our specialists help patients reduce their hospital stay and recovery time to resume social activities and work. Traditional kidney cancer surgery may take up to seven days in the hospital before the patient is discharged. Using MIS, we send them home in one or two days; in some instances, our patients go back to work in five days.

A key component of MIS is cryoablation, a painless and safe technique that uses hollow probes to inject ice into the tumor to destroy cancer cells while keeping the surrounding area safe. Complications, such as urinary incontinence, is minimal after cryoablation. Our urologists use cryoablation for both kidney and prostate surgeries.

Research indicates that patients having MIS experience shorter recovery times and less pain and complications than those who undergo standard surgeries. Other benefits include a faster return to normal activities and sexual health.