Board of Directors

Denver Health's eleven-member Board of Directors are appointed by the Mayor of Denver. Board members serve five-year terms and direct Denver Health's activities, which includes financial management; education and quality assurance; and, personnel and compensation.

  • Patricia “Pia” Dean (Chair)
  • Fernando Carreira, MD (1st Vice Chair)
  • Patti Klinge  (2nd Vice Chair)
  • Paul Washington

  • Jim Chavez
  • Rus Heise
  • Susan Powers
  • Kevin Quinn
  • John J. Reilly, MD
  • Irene Aguilar, MD

  • Anne Warhover

The Board of the Denver Health and Hospital Authority is subject to the Open Meetings Law of the State of Colorado. The Board posts notices of the meetings that are open to the public in compliance with the Open Meetings Law. These notices are posted in the lobby of 601 Broadway where the Board meetings are held at least 24 hours in advance of the meetings.

The minutes of the Board meetings where formal action occurs are taken and open for public inspection in the Office of General Counsel once such minutes have been approved by the Board.  Confidential Executive sessions of the Board may be held as permitted by the statute.

Procedures for Public Comment at Board Meetings

In recognition of the value of public input when considering policy decisions, the Board has developed the following procedures for receiving public comment at its meetings. Similar procedures apply at the State Legislature, City Council and the University Board of Regents. Persons who wish to take part in the public comment period should become familiar with and follow these procedures.

  1. Subject Matter: Public comment at the Denver Health Board of Directors meetings at the commencement of the meeting is limited to items that appear on the agenda for the particular board meeting. The public comment period may not be used for addressing grievances of individual employees or patients, personal attacks, or commercial endorsements. The public comment period also may not be used to address matters related to negotiations or litigation with the Denver Health and Hospital Authority. Only those requests conforming to subject matter requirements will be approved.
  2. Requests to Address the Denver Health Board of Directors: Individuals wanting to provide public comment must contact the office of the Board’s Secretary (Legal Services, 601 Broadway, 9th Floor, 303-602-4935) at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the respective board meeting. Individuals must provide their name, address, whether they are speaking on behalf of an organization, and the agenda item for comment. Speakers will be called in the order in which they signed up.
  3. Time Allocation: A maximum of 15 minutes will be set aside for each agenda item on which public comment has been requested. Each person will be permitted no more than three minutes for comment.