Life-Changing Weight Loss Journey For Denver Health Nurse

October 30, 2019

nurse manager Tina Van Weeks with Mark Fedo, Denver Health
From time to time, we come across interesting and inspiring stories about our more than 7,000 Denver Health team members. Nurse manager Tina Van Winks has an incredible story of transformation to tell. She lost 57 pounds in seven months and has improved her life both at home and at work. 

Van Winks manages one of our acute care units, specializing in surgical trauma patients. The job can be very stressful and Van Winks sometimes works more than 60-hours a week. She used to turn to food to de-stress and had become depressed and withdrawn. When her doctor suggested medication to treat her depression, she decided to make some lifestyle changes instead.

She took a wellness class, started working out at Denver Health's employee fitness center and soon was taking better care of herself, inside and out.

“It’s a total lifestyle change,” Van Winks said, pointing out that it is about much more than just dropping the weight. 

Denver Health Tina Van Weeks before photo
Denver Health nurse manager Tina Van Winks before her 57 pound weight loss journey.
Now, she goes to the gym to de-stress instead of opening the fridge. She works out six days a week for at least an hour a day, spends more time with her family and makes healthier eating choices. 

“The non-scale victories are as important as the pounds lost. I feel more engaged and energetic with patients, staff, my job and my personal life,” said Van Winks.

“Tina is a role model for helping to create a healthier culture and environment of wellness among our staff,” said Tracy Shea, Denver Health's workplace wellness strategist.

Tina Van Weeks working out at Denver Health
Tina Van Winks works out six days a week at Denver Health's employee fitness center.
Ask her about her weight loss and she’ll tell you her gain is much greater. “I’ve gotten my health back, regained confidence in myself and found new ways of coping with stress,” Van Winks smiled.